Tuesday, June 27, 2017

"Who Are You Listening To?"

  Today, more than ever, we need truth to be taught and held to. We need teaching and sermons that sounds forth the word of the Lord rather than tickling ears and making for interesting discussions. Too many are seeking to make things 'consumer friendly' rather than God centered.
   When we hear preaching/teaching we need something solid to hold too. We need that one good jewel of truth in lessons we hear. One thing I hold to is this: if a man fails to listen to God we should not listen to that man! Our preachers need to hear God's voice (from Scripture) and not their own ideas. Too much of our preaching/teaching is self-centered and self-driven. 
   If we take a group of ten people, at least nine of them sure believe they are qualified to give advice to others! And in no other field of human interest are people ready to offer their two-cents worth is in the field of religion and morality. It is precisely this field that is done the most harm and for that reason alone we must select carefully those who we listen to and gain insight from. Along with selection inevitably carries with it the idea of rejection.
   David warns against the counsel of the ungodly (Psa. 1). The word of God is filled with the history of examples of men and women who made a failure of their actions, their lives because they listened to and took the wrong advice. Rehoboam, Solomon's son, listened to men who had not listened to God and the result was the whole future of Israel was led astray and paid a high price (I Kings 12). The counsel of Ahithophel led Absalom into his destruction (II Sam. 15). And we can't forget the 12 spies sent into God's promised land where God would provide and care for them that 10 of them refused God's word and took it upon themselves to offer their counsel while threatening to kill the two that stood with the word of the Lord (Num. 13:30-14:10). We see this over and over and it's before our eyes yet it seems many aren't concerned.
   No man has any right to offer advice, his teachings and ideas who has not first heard God speak. No man has any right to counsel other who is not ready to hear and follow the counsel of the Lord. True wisdom must echo God's voice. The only safe path and light for our feet is the light which is reflected from Christ Jesus, the Light of the world. Who are you listening to?

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