Friday, October 3, 2014

"The End"

  After several years of writing and my work load changing, the time has come to discontinue my daily blog. You can still access the many articles if you so desire. This was a difficult decision knowing many read this daily but it is a necessary decision.
  I want to encourage each of you, be prayerful and listen carefully to God's word. Let Him speak and direct through His word. Learn how to properly apply Scripture and not use His word in ways that were never intended. If I could ever be of help or if you continue to have questions, please feel free to write and ask. May God bless your walk and build your faith as you give Him access to your mind and heart. Be transformed by renewing your mind (Rom. 12:2). You cannot transform yourself! Remember that! Only God can transform and that happens as you give Him access to change your thought process and your heart to change your actions. Man can only conform on their own. God wants to transform us into the image of His Son (Rom. 8:29). There is the secret to true spiritual growth. May God richly bless your life as you change into His ways!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

"Just To Preachers"

  Today I want to speak to the preachers from one who has been around preaching/teaching/counseling and many other things over the years. I travel each year speaking as well as continue to stay up with my responsibilities locally. I know what struggles are and I know what discouragement feels like. I also know encouragement and the excitement of one coming to faith in Jesus. Both are necessary in our growth in Christ Jesus to what He has called us to.
  From my experience, the greatest problem or blessing within the body of Christ is the man in the pulpit. Yes, it's us! When we can be honest with ourselves and the Lord we will begin to see who we are and what we lack. It is at that moment that we will realize that we are a great solution in the local church in each place.
  What I have found, it's not the church doesn't want to grow. Many are so weak in the body, even elderships but they do want to move forward. Brethren week after week 'tolerate' us when we are doing little feeding. The church is very tolerant! As we go through our struggles, taking hits about ourselves, feeling discouraged we need to get the focus off of us and look at it through the eyes of the Lord that He is trying to discipline us perhaps because we aren't giving our all to His name in the service of an evangelist. God is trying to grow us and we need the 'down-times' to show us that we are vital and need to grow ourselves. There is too much fluff in preachers today. Too many stories and jokes. Not enough pursuing "righteousness, godliness, faith, love perseverance and gentleness." (I Tim. 6:11) We need more in the pulpit that are concerned about "speech, conduct, love, faith and purity, show yourself an example of those who believe." (I Tim. 4:12) We need men that "pay close attention to yourself and to your teaching; persevere in these things, for as you do this you will ensure salvation both for yourself and for those who hear you." (I Tim. 4:16)  
  Don't give up! Don't give in! Grow yourself. I've known preachers who get so down they want words from the people to lift them up. I can understand that as it seems at times like no one is listening, no one gets it. But it's not the praise of man we need. It's the confidence from God that we are fulfilling His purpose in our position. Sometimes preachers are just skimming by and they know it. They need something from the brethren to ensure that they aren't being found out as not giving 100%. That's part of the problem in the pulpit.
  Preach the word. That's what we are called to do. Yes, you will have your few that want to attack you, trying to find things out on you simply because they don't love. The Lord will deal with them. I have seen it over and over in my many years. It's the Lord's church, not theirs. Jesus will deal with those who cause disturbances. Preach the word. Don't allow anyone to stop you. When you find you're struggling, be diligent in prayer and study knowing God is trying to build and grow you. Yes, we can be the greatest problem but we can also be a source of great blessings from God if we would take to heart the task to which we have been called. You will always be a target. God will always be your guide. Jesus will be your guard. Preach the word.