Thursday, February 28, 2013


  The other day while walking along with my grandson, he is 5, he said, "Grandpa, my dad spits on the ground!" I responded by saying, "He does? What does that mean?" The words came back quickly, "I'm going to spit on the ground when I get bigger. I'm not too good at it right now!" 
  One never knows of how they are being observed. From little fellows, to little girls all the way up the ladder of age, people are watching us in ways we might not be aware. We are called to follow Jesus. To follow Jesus means to live a life that is committed and allowing Him to change our ways. As we follow Jesus, our example should encourage others and help others to look to Him. In all, our example we set is to walk in a manner that is worthy of our salvation. As others look at us, they need to see Jesus!
  Paul encouraged those to be imitators of him as he was of Christ (I Cor. 11:1). The church at Thessalonica was encouraged to follow the example of Paul. Paul called the saints at Philippi to observe those who walk according to the pattern that was set before them (Phil. 3:17). Young men are told to be an example of good deeds (Titus 2:7). We have recorded for us in Scripture about bad examples in history and God destroyed people for their bad examples to be an example to us for not living in a manner worthy (II Pet. 2:6/Jude 1:7).
  I once heard that everyone was good for something, even if it's a bad example! There is truth in that. We need to concern ourselves with our walk in Jesus. We need to live lives that honor God and the result, people will see the example we set in their pursuits in this life. 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

"Bitterness Destroys"

  Bitterness will destroy you. When people are bitter at others, they seethe at times and when they are in certain situations, they find themselves upset and even angry because this bitterness that has taken up residence in the heart is eating your very soul. Bitterness is what leads to critical statements toward others. Bitterness is what keeps people in bad attitudes. Why can't people overcome in their lives? Because as long as any bitterness resides within, the grace of God cannot help or change anything (Heb. 2:15).
  Bitterness leads one into personal attacks and condemnation. People with bitterness in their heart aren't interested in helping, only gathering support for their personal bitterness. They don't want to see real spiritual improvement but only having things done the way they would like to see them go. When bitterness resides in the heart of a person, it makes honesty very difficult if not impossible. They claim they are honest in their assessment of a situation but in reality, bitterness is dragging their thoughts along and the solution is from that root. 
  Listen closely to Scripture the company bitterness keeps: "Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice."  (Eph. 4:31) When people are agitated at someone, just listen for the root of bitterness how it springs up and causes trouble in these other areas. 
  Do not waste your life in deceiving yourself when you are bitter about someone. Do not waste your life in anger and misery. Bitterness and the things that accompany it are a self-imposed cancer in your own heart and spirit. You're not happy! Bitterness will destroy you. Learn to let it go and embrace mercy and grace as the Lord offers the strength to overcome if that's what you truly want. Peace and life will follow.

Monday, February 25, 2013

"Jesus the Servant"

  One by one, Peter observed feet being washed. This Messiah, the Master approached him and Peter protests. Jesus tell him he doesn't understand what is about to happen. Peter is blunt with Jesus and refuses to accept his Master's conduct. "Never will you wash my feet!" It's interesting this word "never" is a double negative. It simply means, "never, ever!" To Peter, this is was not a sign of greatness and power. With all the power that Jesus had shown and here He is washing dirty feet. It seems to be more of an embarrassment to Peter than anything. Leaders don't do this! This isn't any way that the anointed of God should act!
  Then came the words from the Messiah: "If I do not wash you, you have no part with Me!" (John 13:8) Very serious words to hear. For Peter to share in the destiny and purpose of the Lord Jesus Christ it was going to be decided at that moment. Why? Because Peter was refusing to accept the spirit of service that was manifested by Jesus. It wasn't a threat Jesus made but a fundamental spirit which was being manifested. This was a declaration of fact! There is only One God and He is a serving Lord!! One cannot reject the spirit of the Master while maintaining they are His followers. One can't have Jesus while repudiating His heart!
  We turn to us, His church, disciples of Christ. What do we find? We pay a preacher to do our work, our service. People are upset if the preacher isn't doing his job! And what is that job? It's a paid position to serve in the name of us, the church while we have no responsibility in the matter. This Master and Lord sent a message to His church: "He gave some as apostles, and some as prophets, and some as evangelists, and some as pastors and teachers." (Eph. 4:11) Some is the key word here. Not all, just some. Why does Jesus provide His church with these different roles? "For the equipping of the saints for the work of service, to the building up of the body of Christ." (Eph. 4:12) The work of service is from the body to build up the body. To dismiss this and not accept the work of service is to dismiss the servanthood of Jesus. And without this servanthood in each one of His followers, Jesus told Peter, you have no part of Me! That should get our attention.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"Moving Forward"

  One by one Paul pulled from his life work and gains comparing them. A highly educated, elite member of the tribe of Benjamin. A keeper of the Law precisely. Zealous to follow. We see this in Phil. 3:5-6. But in all of his undertakings and accomplishments of his heritage, it simply was nothing compared to Jesus and what Jesus accomplished for him. Compared to Christ and what Paul had gained, he saw it as rubbish, dung! The things in his life's accomplishments were nothing compared to what he had in Jesus.
  We need to learn from this. So many I have known that worked hard and with a lot of expense made a name for themselves with letters after their name. It took years and finally it was accomplished! It's worn as a badge to many and it is a great accomplishment to gain such recognition of the hard work expended. How many would be willing to throw it all away, counting it as rubbish in light of Christ Jesus? Maybe the reason our lives are lived on such a low level is we want Jesus and our elevation too! The result? Frustrations and discouragements.
  On the other side of the coin, there are those who have accomplished little with their lives and they seem to endlessly live in their past. Always drawing off their past, reliving their past and regretting things they did in their past. It haunts them at times. The world is no help either. The world says lets go back to the past and see what is keeping us from the present. Does anyone believe their past died with Christ when they were immersed into Him?
  Striving for Jesus! That's the greatest goal. Gaining Jesus! Gaining His righteousness on the basis of faith! Knowing Him! That's the noble goal in life. Jesus will not play second to anyone. Jesus will not allow anyone to live in their past whom He has forgiven. That leaves us with one thing: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what is ahead!!! Pressing onward and upward. There is our answer and it is found in Jesus Christ. Too many are drowning in themselves both presently and from their past while Jesus patiently waits for faith to move us to Him. There is a surpassing value of knowing Jesus Christ the Lord!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

"Breaking Life Down"

  I don't know if it bothers you but it bothers me. I have never been able to understand how people who claim their tie to Jesus break their world into two categories: the secular and the spiritual or holy living. That makes no sense. I've heard it from elders, from deacons, from bible class teachers and even preachers. The result of this is the body of Christ is left weak because people believe it. Our Sunday assemblies are spiritual while our daily living is our secular work. We do not see that every thing in our lives are tied to Jesus and Him crucified!
  What are we to call those who provide for their own families? A secular work? The Scriptures sure don't call it that: "But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever." (I Tim. 5:8) What are we doing when we speak to those who hold down jobs? "He who steals must steal no  longer; but rather he must labor, performing with his own hands what is good, so that he will have something to share with one who has need." (Eph. 4:28) Does that sound like a secular job or something done in the name of the Lord? I recently heard a deacon speaking to a group of faithful brethren that in regard to what was being done, "we will put some spiritual things in the process of what we are doing!" It disturbed me how we throw such statements around without any thought of what we are saying. Maybe we have been led to believe what we do is broken into two separate categories.
  "Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father." (Col. 3:17) Our lives should revolve that all we do is in the name of the Lord Jesus. Why? Because He is our life! (Col. 3:1-4) You can't break your life down into two separate categories. You do all you do for His name sake or you do little for His name sake. The parents who raise and supply their children do so for the name of the Lord. The job is done in honesty because of the name of the Lord. The things we enjoy while playing are done with the name of the Lord behind it. Our lives, our behavior is a reflection of the relationship to the salvation of the Lord. Before one comes into Christ, the things they do are for themselves and themselves alone. The taking advantage, the cheating or whatever we have done to get ahead was done without Christ. Jesus changed our center (at least He should have) and our lives belong to Him. That's why we hear from the Lord: "But like the Holy One who called you, be holy yourselves also in all your behavior." (I Pet. 1:15) Why do you practice and work at the things you do?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

"Do We Expect Anything?"

  It's right around the corner, Lord willing. If the Lord permits, we will see Sunday in a few short days. That first day of the week everyone else calls the end of a weekend. I can't understand that thought process that the first day is the end but that's how many have twisted things and that's how we have accepted it.
  Sunday has become another day to many. It's a day off of work. It's a day to sleep in. It's a day to go and have fun. It's a day to work around the house. I wonder what will go on for you on Sunday? Oh, that's right...that's church day!! We have to go to church that day. And we approach it with that mind set. We have nothing to look forward to or nothing to stir us any deeper than a ritual of 'have to' and 'church'. So we enter our assembly. Do we expect anything? There's my friend so we converse about the week and what is about to take place in the sports arena. Do we expect anything? The clock strikes an appointed hour and it is time to sit. Let's see who is doing what as we look around. Do we expect anything? The announcements are over so we can begin. One after another goes through their appointed duties. We sing our songs while words are sung, do we expect anything? Prayers are offered almost nodding off to sleep then comes the reading of Scripture which many times we can't find that book of the Bible much less remember the chapter and verse. Do we expect anything?  
  It's time for the Supper one of the most quiet times during our 'church time'. Someone says some words, a few prayers and then around comes this little cracker and cup of juice. My kids want to take and we tell them 'no' as it's for adults! Do we expect anything? Now comes the most restful time...the preaching. We can sit back and take it easy for 30 minutes and let the man do his thing. After all, we pay him for that! Do we expect anything?
  Finally we draw things to a close with a prayer and it's back to our time! Lunch, plans for the day or even a nap. Do we expect anything? We go back to our routines in the same mind set and heart direction in which we came. We came with expecting 'church stuff' and left with this same level of thought. Nothing gained but something lost. It's the lost part we don't understand or know. Each time we come together as Christ's body, we should expect something. First, something from us to the Lord. Secondly, something from the Lord to us. Something should be filling and should have filled us from above. But when we expect nothing and approach the Lord expecting nothing, that's exactly what we leave with...NOTHING! But within our being, something is being eroded away and down the road of life, it will raise it's head and then we will see we have little to nothing to hold to because we expected nothing and are left with nothing. What do you expect this Sunday?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"In God We Trust?"

  God is so great and awesome. I hear people speak about the goodness of God almost daily but in most cases, they speak of His goodness when something favorable has happened in their lives. I hear people praise God for a prayer answered speaking well of His name. Please don't misunderstand. We need to always be a thankful people for His goodness and turning a situation for better. But what about when things don't go so well? You hear little of thanking God or you rarely hear someone said He answered their prayers. Can God not say 'no'? Is that an answer to our prayers?
  There are some things God will not do. No, let me rephrase that. There are some things God cannot do! There are foundations that God has that He will not deviate from. God will not over-ride your will. You make choices and God will deal with the choices you make but He won't make you! God cannot allow you to trust, for happiness, in favorable circumstances if you trust Him. He offers you victory in  the hour of trial, not exemption from the hour of trial. The Almighty offers you assurance in danger, not immunity from danger. We need to understand Him better.
  We use water for many good things but that same water drowns people. We use fire to cook and keep us warm but that same fire burns property and little children caught in buildings or homes. Gravity keeps us on this earth's surface also drags people to their death when falling off a high structure. In all this, God permits the pain but He is there with His promises in the midst of that pain.
  As I have aged, there is something I have begun to see in those who suffer. The real sufferers complain the least! Mostly it is those who have lived a life completely for themselves, those who are spectators who do most of the whining. Those who encounter a stubbed toe or smoke blowing down their chimney for a few days, they seem to holler more about suffering than the real sufferers. I've listened to many with life threatening cancer, parents who have a child with a drastic disability, those with serious diabetes or heart problems, those confined permanently in a wheel chair move forward with little complaint in their relationship to God. They believe life with God is worth living. This life!
  And then we turn to Jesus. In His tragic hour and most painful part of His life He speaks, "Into Your hands I commit My spirit!" He trustingly dies. Man took everything away from our Savior but His solid conviction of faith that God was His God! Right there we find the true sense of faith. This is victory over suffering. This is victory over the world. This is victory period! Who will separate us from the love the God? It all depends on what you believe about God.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

"How To Gain Faith"

  I recently received an email asking a question, a very good question: How does faith come? It was asked from an intense struggle in the life of the individual. They are facing many obstacles and that's what led to the question. When people are in the midst of difficulties it can weigh heavily on the heart to a point where it looks like there is no hope and faith is the foundation of hope. Faith, true saving faith is needed.
  In order to gain faith, can we grit our teeth and it will come? Do we resolve that we will make it through this difficulty and it will come? Does it come by straining that faith finally drips into our minds and hearts? Faith involves trust and you can't force trust! It can only be grown. Take a flower and look that it doesn't force or strain to its beauty. They grow from the Lord into their beauty. How do you learn to trust in a dear friend? You didn't look at a person one day and demand that they become a dear friend! You were around them, shared your heart and they shared theirs with you. You shared your lives with one another. As they show themselves reliable, caring, sypathetic, helpful over the long haul, your trust in them begins to deepen. Unforced! Unbidden! No straining! No demanding! Their record over time produced a deep trust to place your thoughts into their hands without fear. And so it is with God. You need to stay around Him. Read of Him and listen to Him. Look at His story among man. Pay attention to how He responded. See how He deals with people in difficult situations. Absorb the truths of His love for people. Pay close attention to His consistancy, His reliability, His willingness to help and understand. When one starts looking at God in this fashion, faith, a trusting faith, begins to enter. Unforced! Unbidden! No fever or strain! When the storms hit you will find yourself strangely comforted, fleeing to Him for refuge because you know Him.
  We know the verse that is often quoted: "Faith comes by hearing and hearing the words of Christ." (Rom. 10:17) The above paragraph describes how one hears and what one hears. Faith is developed in a heart that wants the Lord, to serve the Lord and is thankful for salvation extended from the Lord. To anyone who reads this and finds themselves in a suffering situation in body or in mind - TRUST! There is One who cares so deeply and watching you. Your difficulties are for your faith as He will use it to trust Him. If you have been one who has easily walked away from the Lord at times, your difficulty will be to help you not walk away but flee to Him, listening and desiring so that a trusting faith will develop. Trust and you will find the Lord's word, His promises and ways are true...ALWAYS!

Monday, February 11, 2013


  We have had loved ones pass away and our hearts hurt. If only they didn't leave us. We wish them to still be alive and well. This process has been repeated over and over. In every funeral I do, I always hurt for the family knowing they wish their loved one was still with them and we wouldn't be here saying our final good-byes!
  But we go back in history. There was that day when one died and those who were responsible for his death wanted him to stay dead. Guards were posted to keep any potential 'body thieves' away. HE AROSE! Thanks be to God, He arose. His death was a judgment against sin, our sin. The court held its session, the sentence carried out and silence for three days as the court adjourned! God spoke loud and clear about sin and its power! It had no more power. Sin and death were dealt with in Jesus Christ the Lord! The brutality of sin and the power of death tried to rule but the defeat was plain and sin would no longer reign in God's kingdom. Then came that wonderful Sunday morning when the question came: "Why are you seeking the living with the dead?" 
  I can see why so many today wonder if God really rules this world with all the suffering and pain. I can see why unbelievers might question the existence of God. But for the believer, the true believer, there is some more grand than meets the eye. Paul told the Thessalonians "if we believe that Jesus died and rose again" not to be just empty words but words of encouragement and power (I Thes. 4:14). These are words of reality. Sin and death's defeat are grasped by faith, a trusting faith grounded on the victory of Jesus risen from the grave! This is what is spoken as "the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen." (Heb. 11:1) We have been shown in Christ Jesus the ultimate end of all things. The end is not a death, not a grave or anything created we see. Too many times we are focused on the seen rather than the reality of the unseen. The end is Christ because He is the Life. He is the resurrection. He is salvation.  HE IS! And as He is, so are we!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

"Let Freedom Ring"

  The churches of Galatia were being brought under the bondage to the Law again. There were those in the church that were taking the OT Law and making it binding on those in Christ Jesus. Paul called: "It was for freedom that Christ set us free; therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery." (Gal. 5:1) We read such and sneer because we would not allow such to happen today.
  We find many in the body of Christ being told what to think, how to feel, what to do, rather than think, feel and do from your faith in the Lord. The cry for unity comes and when we look closely, it's really called uniformity, not unity in Christ. Why? Because we have allowed others to be lord instead of Jesus our Lord. The result is a system of works.
  There was a "new gospel" being heard in regions of Galatia where Paul had established the church. Paul was amazed and said by them allowing those in the church to direct them to something other than the gospel he preached, they had deserted Jesus (Gal. 1:6). No longer were they being led by Jesus, tied to Jesus and surrounding His death, burial and resurrection, they were being led to a system of performance! Liberty, freedom is found only from Christ. To turn to anything else will enslave and destroy one. The proclamation from heaven was signed in the blood of Christ Jesus. Those in bondage have been liberated. Those in chains of slavery have been set free. This is the good news that Paul and other proclaimed in the preaching of the gospel. Without money, one may be set free. Without price, on may cast aside the shackles of an old life and start anew. It has nothing to do with the level of education, the color of skin, your past or your wealth. The gospel of freedom rings: You are free from sin, from weakness and corruption, from the world system and performance! "It was for freedom that Christ set us free!"
  There were these "false brethren" that came in to spy out this liberty in Christ Jesus but Paul and the apostle didn't yield to them for a moment (Gal. 2:4-5). The voices were ringing against Jesus that we must, work, work to be saved! The more you work, the more you feel better about salvation and the more salvation you will have. The cry: "Faith without works is dead! That's Scripture!" The apostles would not allow one to manipulate Scriptures. Faith that saves is a faith that responds in obedience to the Lord and that saving faith doesn't look to its works as the ground for salvation, it looks to Jesus and Him crucified.
  Jesus died in our (my) place. There are no amount of works that can substitute for His sacrifice. Jesus took my place and my sins and died my death. "The wages of sin is death but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord." (Rom. 6:23) A people set free. Freedom! What a glorious sound. Take it seriously. Look at Jesus and away from you and your performances. Guard this wonderful gospel. Use it lovingly. Never, ever put your faith in your performance as the badge of your salvation! Otherwise, you will forfeit Christ Jesus and the freedom found in Him. Praise God for His gift of salvation by His grace in Christ Jesus!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

"The Foundation - pt. 2"

    Our salvation is by the grace of God through faith in Christ Jesus! We didn't do anything to deserve salvation. We deserve death. We didn't do anything to earn salvation. We earned condemnation because of our sin. God brought His saving grace to us in the form of Jesus Christ. That is the only foundation by which we will make it to heaven, that wonderful and blessed place in the presence of God.
  Too many are trying to establish their salvation by a works foundation. Here's what I mean: How much do you pray? How much do you give? How many souls have you saved? How often do you attend? How many good deeds have you done? This is a foundation of the law of works. With this foundation, enough is never enough! How much do you pray? Under the foundation of works, it's not enough and you should be praying more. How much do you give? Under the foundation of works, you are guilted into giving more. How many souls have you won? Under the foundation of works its insufficient. How often do you attend? Under the foundation of works, you must be there each time the doors are open otherwise you are forsaking the assembly. (By the way, those who hold to this probably don't know what the word 'forsake' really means!) The point of all this: enough is never enough and the judgment you find is guilt!
  If our foundation is Jesus and Him crucified: "Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus." (Rom. 8:1) God speaks...NOW! What freedom! What joy that brings! What a Savior and salvation through Him! Isn't that much better?
  Jesus stands between us and our sins. My works don't! Jesus is my sin-bearer. My works aren't! Jesus mediates the covenant we came into when we were united with Him in baptism. My works couldn't! That covenant speaks: "And their sins and lawless deeds I remember no more!" (Heb. 8:12) Let it ring in our ears. If our foundation is Jesus, the Supper we share in will reflect this covenant. If our foundation is a system of law/works, the supper we share in will be, well...just an empty piece of unleaven bread and some juice with little meaning.
  Jesus is our intercessor and Savior. He is the only one that stands in the presence of God for us. The result is we pray not to be saved but because we are saved. We worship not to be saved but because we are saved. We give, we look for opportunities not be saved but because we are saved. The foundation of works creates such a burden and guilt while the foundation of God's grace in Christ Jesus frees us to rejoice. Does this explain why our worship may be so mundane?
  Everything we receive from God comes by His grace. Everything of all we receive by grace is accepted by faith. Faith is the response to God's grace founded upon the Lordship of Jesus Christ risen from the grave. If our foundation is right, it leads to joy and peace. Saved by grace, through faith in Christ Jesus, praising God and headed to heaven. Now that's worth worshiping our God!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

"The Foundation"

  The fiber of your life, your practices and attitudes are rooted in one thing: YOUR FOUNDATION! Your foundation is everything! When we speak of salvation, it begins with our foundation. When we speak of eternity or something eternal, it is all about our foundation. Whatever your foundation is founded upon, therein will you find your life pursuits.
  Paul told our Corinthian brethren (and us) that the foundation that he laid, there is no other foundation except Jesus Christ (I Cor. 3:10-11). If Jesus Christ is our foundation, our lives will be built on Him. There has never been any other ground for our justification (acquitted from sins) other than Jesus and Him crucified. There is no process to receive justification, redemption, sanctification, and salvation other than Jesus Christ.  These terms which many struggle with are not badges or things we have merited because we are at our worship hour each time the doors are open. These are all gifts from God! They come from the grace of God. Grace is not a payment of a debt. We never could, nor ever will do anything that would merit salvation. It can only be accepted, received and appreciated but never earned.
  God initiates grace! We accept it by faith. God formed the blueprint, drew the plan, put it into action and laid the foundation. We came to God's grace through faith in Christ Jesus. There is no other way. Even our baptism was faith placed in the grace of God laying the foundation in Jesus. You didn't earn it! The foundation God laid, Jesus Christ and Him crucified, is the only foundation that will last.
  Too many find the strong temptation to substitute  this foundation of Jesus Christ for a human-law-works foundation. When one works their way into a relationship with God, no longer is it by faith in Christ but faith in our faith!! That means faith in ourselves. The grace of God through Jesus Christ is turned into a "do it yourself" plan. And we work it! Work, work, work! That's where faith is placed. The more we work, the better we feel because "we" are actually doing something. Work hard, put in your time, give some and you are a successful child of God! We praise ourselves and in the process, we start condemning those who do not work the works with us! We quickly point to Jam. 2:14f that "faith without works is dead!" This foundation is wrong. It is just wrong. This is a businessman's salvation. This is humanism at it's height. God's grace saves completely or His grace doesn't save at all! God planned our salvation, Christ purchased it and the Holy Spirit revealed it. It takes faith to receive it.
  You might be wondering: "Then what about obedience?" Obedience is a necessary part of God's grace and your faith. Salvation is the free gift but it cannot be received by an unbeliever! It is received by grace through faith in Christ Jesus. It is faith in Christ Jesus that stirs one to repent of their rebellious ways. It is faith in Christ Jesus that exposes our sinfulness and willingness to follow Him, not some system. It is baptism into the name of Jesus Christ that faith responds to. Nothing is earned by receiving the word and responding. Faith simply reached to Jesus and obeyed.
  Here's the foundation by which anyone will be saved: By grace...through Christ Jesus...forgiven! That's a glorious sound which leads to praise and adoration that only belongs to God. More to come!

Monday, February 4, 2013

"What's Our Purpose?"

  If you were asked, "What is the Lord's intended purpose of His church?", how would you answer that? Have you ever thought about your real purpose as part of Him, His body? Do you have any insight as to what it might be?
  When we turn our attention to the Lord's teaching on purpose we find two very distinct things: (1) We are to be to the praise of the glory of His grace (Eph. 1:6). (2) Help others find His saving grace so they too can be to the praise of the glory of His grace. These two items basically surround the purpose the body of Christ Jesus.
  When we look at being to the praise of the glory of His grace, we find within that lives lived that bring glory and honor to His name. They are lives of holiness as He is holy. They are lives that when we are seen, Jesus is seen in us. Everything we do, every act we do, each word that passes our lips are to be to the praise of the glory of His grace. Paul said it this way: "Be imitators of me, just as I also am of Christ." (I Cor. 11:1) What about you?
  We need to help others see the salvation that is in Christ Jesus. Let me give you a quick thought that needs to be pondered. Over the years we have used Matt. 28:18-20 as the great commission, as our great commission. Who was the Lord commissioning? The church or His apostles? How many in the church are going into all the world literally? What does this mean? First, Jesus was commissioning His apostles as they would be the instruments to go into all the world for a twofold reason: (1) To fulfill the promise of the impending destruction of Jerusalem in Matt. 24:9-14. (2) The apostles would complete this going into all the world in the first century (Col. 1:23). Yes, by the writing of the book of Colossians (62 A.D.) the apostles had proclaimed to gospel in all creation under heaven.
  Where do we as Christ's body fit today in outreach? Paul tells the church at Colossae here is their (our) part. Be devoted to prayer (Col. 4:2-3). We need to be praying for open doors and for those who are capable of teaching. We need to conduct ourselves with wisdom toward those outside of Jesus and make the most of an opportunity presented to us (Col. 4:5). If you can't teach, get them to someone who can. Sometimes you are the only source of contact with certain people separated from God. Look for opportunities to help them to Jesus while watching how you live and conduct your life. Finally, watch your tongue (Col. 4:6)! Watch what words come out make certain that when you say something, its a proper response of words.
  Remember, souls are at stake. The souls in our homes as well as our families, our neighbors and others in this world of sin and death. They need Jesus or they will be eternally lost! We need to glorify the Lord with our praise and walk. That's the Lord's intended purpose for His people while living on this earth!