Tuesday, July 12, 2016

"The Headless Church"

  I'm going to be away for three weeks so there will be no writing. I'll be back! That's not a threat!!
  The other night as we were looking for a good movie to watch, I came across an old movie and started watching it a few minutes. It was the headless horseman but not a gory one. It struck me a little into the movie about the "headless church." It's a tragedy in the church in places.
  What is dividing the church? Why all the riffs and splinters? People speak its a change in doctrine and that could very well be. But people get upset, make accusations (something the devil is good at) and threaten. It eventually will lead to 'killing' the spiritual and advancing the flesh. The real culprit behind this; THE CHURCH HAS BECOME HEADLESS! At times some want to make the church the head rather than the Christ. Others make themselves to be the head rather than Christ and that's what creates the upheaval. 
  Listen closely to what brethren say. The church is what all the talk is about and preached about. The church this, the doctrine rather than the Lord Jesus Christ who spoke His doctrine. We do things to make the church attractive as if we were peddling goods to come over here because we have something different. Gimmicks are used to draw people attracting them to us. Some even put a coffee shop in the midst where we assemble to draw in people. We want to be attractive to the world so we use the world's way to advance. The church and our position in life is what is paraded in communities rather than the Christ.
  Listen to our teaching. We want people to be led to the church rather than the Lord Jesus. Get people to the church, get them to come back to the church, get them interested in the church and the list continues. Are we speaking to people to see Jesus the Lord or the pattern of the church? 
  The church at times seems to go headless. It's the church that's the body, not the head. Everything flows from the head, not the body. It is the head that supplies the entire body and the growth comes from God (Col. 2:19). The apostles spoke about the Christ. The teachings of Scripture pointed people to the Lord Jesus. Conversions were to Jesus. The only way people will be saved in the end is through the Lordship of Jesus Christ and nothing else. Convert people to Jesus and they will be part of the church period! Get those who have gone astray to Jesus and they will return to the church. It's not the church that saves, it's Jesus as He is the way, the truth and the life. Maybe we have become so weak and struggling is because we have lost sight of the head and glory in the lessor. In anger people leave having no attachment to the head. The headless church is why there is so many troubles and problems. 
  In the end it will be about the Lord Jesus Christ who saves us. We confess Jesus, not the church. We are baptized (immersed) into Jesus and His death not into the church. The abundant life is found in Jesus not the church. Maybe, just maybe the reason we can't keep those who have been studied with is because they are converted to a body without a head? No Jesus, no church. No Jesus, no life. No Jesus, catastrophic!  

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

"God Created...AGE"

  This world God created was created...aged! From the beginning of man it was aged. God created man full grown and yet lived to the old age of 930! Science is running around trying to carbon date this world as millions of millions of years old. The evolutionist is trying to use the reason of science to prove their point and it all collapses when you simply read the word of God. 
  There is one fact that we need to accept and let it stand on the merit of God and His word. God created age!! Yes, the world was full grown and Adam and Eve were created full grown. Adam and Eve never went through childhood. They were created by God in the image of God as male and female aged. 
  All the so-called experts who research the age of the mountains or the oceans or humans run into a serious problem when one of the first things God did was create age. That gives us a great reason to "be still and know I am God!" 

Saturday, July 2, 2016

"Out and About"

  For those reading have noticed I have not posted any writings for a couple of weeks. I have been traveling extensively preaching and taking care of family. I pray you will be patient with me and I will continue writing once a week. 
  In the meantime, study the word of the Lord and read with a heart of understanding. Someone mentioned to me  that you preach/teach a lot on the truth. Yes I do. I don't do it saying I have everything on correctly but I do love the truth and when I am confronted with a belief that is not true according to the word of the Lord I cannot embrace or accept. John said the same thing in II John. Read what John wrote and he speaks loudly about not helping false ideas to move forward. You can't mix everything together and come out with the truth. Seek the truth. Love the truth. Make certain what you place your faith in is based solid on the revealed truth and not someone's smooth and flattery speech. There is too much of that. Lord willing, I will get back writing this next week. God's blessings!