Monday, May 22, 2017

"God Is Faithful"

   There seems to be an over-riding theme in Scripture: "GOD IS FAITHFUL!" That statement about God is stated over and over. "God is faithful!"  (I Cor. 1:9) "God is faithful!"  (I Cor. 10:13) "God is faithful!"  (II Tim. 2:13) The absolute nature of God is declared that He is faithful. God is completely trustworthy in His words, actions and promises. Too many do not believe this even though they say the words that God is faithful. "If God really cared, why did He let this happen?" is the thoughts of many. No matter what is going on, how much your struggles become, the fact still remains: "God is faithful!"
   The word "faithful" means "to be reliable, trustworthy and loyal." We use the term "faithful" in lessor ways at times and it distorts the faithfulness of God. We call people "faithful" as one who attends assemblies every time the door is open. While assembling with the saints is an important part of faith, I've known many assemble but their daily lives are less than faithful by the way they conduct themselves in their home or the way they simply respond and treat others. Sitting in a building each week does not necessarily qualify one as being "faithful." The "religion of attendance"  is not something new. Jesus experienced it while walking on our earth. The Pharisees strutted with their chests out and high-minded attitudes because they did everything the Law spoke. Jesus condemned them! Just read Matt. 23.
   "God is faithful" and we are called into His faithfulness through the blood of Jesus. Some are "infants" in Christ but they long for His pure milk of the word so they grow. (I Pet. 2:2) They are faithful. Some stumble in their lives, not willingly, but their heart turns in repentance and they are being faithful. The goal of the faithful is to always please the Lord. There are weak people, that struggle and many write them off but they stay with it. The weak are important to Jesus (I Cor. 12:23-24). They are faithful. We are called to help the weak and encourage the fainthearted because they are faithful (I Thes. 5:14). 
   Abraham believed God. David trusted God. Peter leaned on Jesus. They all three had one thing in common. They failed but they didn't trust in themselves but relied on the faithfulness of God. There is nothing about us but the faithfulness of God. To be a faithful follower means I do not focus or look at my failures but to the Lord Jesus Christ for my cleansing and strength. When we stumble badly, we look away from us and to the faithfulness of God and not drown in our guilt. When we sin, we confess to Him with a willing and humble heart. "He is faithful and righteous to forgive our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness." (I John 1:9) Our faithfulness is not ours. It is a response from faith to trust in the Lord to do as He promised and we simply are humble and obedient. This sums it all up: The legalist TRUSTS in what they do. The liberal TRUSTS in what they don't do. The saved TRUST in what God does. "God is faithful!" 

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